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Trip and Fall Cases

In proving negligence in a trip or slip and fall case, it is essential to prove that the defendant had notice of the danger. For example, if there is spilled liquid on the floor we must prove the store operators were actually or constructively aware that the substance was on the floor. In other words, they should have been aware of the spill due to the amount of time it was there which can discovered through cleaning records and/or video evidence. If an employee spilled the liquid or left an object in the aisle than notice is presumed.

I have gone to trial in many trip and fall cases and won. In 2015, I won a trial against Smith's Food and Drugs in Federal Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. Smith's employee left a box in the aisle which was a trip hazard. My client, who was shopping and looking at the aisles, did not notice the low box and she ended up falling and fracturing her arm. I went to trial because Smith's did not make a reasonable settlement offer. I won the trial and my client got paid.
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Police Misconduct Cases

Police officers have a duty to enforce the law and are authorized to use reasonable force. However, a police officer may not use excessive force, whether from a baton, taser, beanbag shotgun, firearm, hands and fists or a k-9. Police officers may not fire their gun unless they have a reasonable belief that they are in imminent fear of deadly force or great bodily injury.
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Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Crash Cases

When people are injured in car accidents they are left with questions and uncertainty of what the future holds. It can be a traumatic time and apart from dealing with the physical pain and mental suffering you also have to deal with the financial expenses resulting from the injuries. Further compounding the trauma is worry and anxiety about whether the negligent party has adequate insurance. You may be able to make a claim against your own insurance company or the city for a dangerous condition of public property. You should not make statements to your insurance company and avoid giving a recorded statement to anyone until you call me.
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Focus on helping accident victims

Personal injury can be a complicated process because our job as lawyers is not only to prove that the other party is at fault but also to prove that all of the injuries you suffered were not only the result of the defendant's negligent act but were legally caused by such actions. Many cases are won on negligence but lost on causation and it is imperative that we establish medical causation clearly and definitively so the jury can understand it.

Personal Injury Law Experience

Personal injury cases can involve both physical and emotional injuries, and if the defendant acted with reckless disregard or with an evil motive then punitive damages can be available as well. My firm has handled thousands of cases crossing a wide range of personal injuries where the clients were injured physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Combined with a background in criminal defense my years of personal injury experience allow me to evaluate, understand, and analyze each case quickly and  because I take on select cases and handle each case personally from beginning to end, I know what each client is going through and how the case affects each client's quality of life.